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Humpback whale from my naturalists sketchbook.

Getting back into painting with acrylic on wood. My latest adventures with water colors have changed the way I paint with acrylic, love it!

By the way check out to find this and other great paintings.

I started my sketchbook for the Brooklyn Sketchbook Library while on my trip to Maine so naturally it is turning into a naturalist’s notebook. I will be posting pages as they are filled in and I will let you all know when I send it in so you guys can check my book out.

A sunny day in Maine (finally).

More Polaroids from my rainy day in Maine.

I learn something new every time I paint outside. On my trip to Maine I learned that painting the ocean is not an easy task, darn thing keeps moving.

More practice painting outside in Acadia National Park in Maine.

Polaroid fun on a rainy day in Maine.

Foggy evening in Maine.

I love this time of year when the fireflies come out. They are little specks of magic in the night.

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