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I had the most amazing experience this past weekend; I had a booth of my paintings set up at the Maker Faire in Queens. I have sold my work at art or craft shows in the past but it had been a few years since my last one.

This is also the first time I had sold my paintings at one of these events. The first two times I sold my photographs and the last time I sold hand made books and scarves. It was a little bit of an odd concept for me at first even though this was my goal all along, to match the right viewer with the right painting but it still felt like I was sending my children out into the world to live with strangers.

As the weekend went on amazing things kept happening and I kept meeting such wonderful people who said such lovely things about what I do. For the first time I truly believed what my loved ones have been telling me. I can do this.

I want to thank every one of you on tumblr who have found me and have liked my work enough to follow what I do, you guys honor me.

I also want to thank my friends and family who will read this on Facebook, I promise I will start listening when you complement me.

Much love.

At the Maker Faire in Queens! Come and visit me today or tomorrow. I am in the Bust Magazine section. Mention the word Ampersand and I will give you the friends and family discount; 20% off.


Took me a bit to finally finish this one…

In just under two weeks I will be selling my paintings at the Makers Fair in Queens, NY. It is not the first art fair that I have done but it has been quite a long time since my last one. If you are in the area (Flushing Meadows Park near the Queens Science Museum) visit me!

iwillrememberthatsummer said: I'm an art student about to go back to uni. I find you artwork so inspiring! It makes me so excited about getting back into creating artwork again after a summer of working. I love your artwork and your blog :)

Thank you so much! Have a great year in school and make as much art as you can :)

I forgot to post the finished product: bees!

It is finished. I find it interesting how much learning a bit about watercoloring has influenced my acrylic style. I kinda like it!

This is what I have spent my day painting. I will post the finished painting soon!

My own personal studio assistant is at it again.

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